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3DP businesses seeking growth capital, a strategic partner, or an exit

Qualified companies for motivated, experienced investors.



The Company manufactures ceramic materials utilized in both binder-jet and

resin-based ultraviolet 3D printing processes. In its history, the Company has accumulated more than 600 customer relationships in over 40 countries, including a number of Fortune 500 businesses. Since commercial operations began in 2014, the Company has growth from offering a single product to seven, with large and growing end markets.



The Company is a 3D scanning software and hardware business with proven growth and opportunity for expansion in the global education market. Unmatched in price, quality, and ease-of-use, the Company is strongly branded as unique in its kind and the only 3D scanning business combining STEM and STEAM integrated real-world product curriculum. In 2019, the Company plans to gear its focus on education technology, expecting to yield significant results.



The Company is a highly experienced 3DP filament manufacturer specializing in high quality, high performance 3D filament. The Company presents an established product line with 200+ SKUs, offering products in a variety of materials, sizes, and quantities. With nearly 80% recurring revenue and a popular household name in the 3DP industry, the Company seeks investment or buyout in order to expand production capabilities.



Profile in development.



The Company is one of the fastest growing 3D printers made for kids. Combining user friendly applications and software for customization and design, this Company is making big moves in the industry with $3M projected revenue for 2019. Adults equally enjoy the printer's user friendliness and there is no need for prior 3D printing experience or CAD. What's more, the printer can be unboxed and set up in under 2 minutes.



The Company provides a proprietary cloud-based platform for 3D printing within the education space that centralizes and manages otherwise distributed activities into an effective, user-friendly visual network. Makers, educators, designers, learners, and entrepreneurs alike from 130 countries have joined the Company's platform. And thousands of academic institutions created platform accounts in 2018, generating over 100,000 members.



A leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems and solutions. NDA needed to view more information.



The Company is a leading vendor of large format 3D printing solutions. NDA needed to view more information.



The Company is an award winning, end-to-end printing platform applying additive manufacturing to deliver novel and made to order products through innovative retail experiences and channels. The business

has helped Fortune 500 companies create their first lines of printable products,

and their proprietary platform has been featured throughout national landmark destinations. 



This Company's desktop 3D printers are among the simplest on the market, while offering high quality prints. With a strong focus on customer service, the Company offers a training program and a 2 year all-included warranty. Boasting €2.5M (approx. $2.8M USD) revenue in 2018 and 2019(E), the Company is strategically positioned for growth. Even with sales primarily focused in France, the Company has the largest network of users in the world.



This Company has developed and commercialized the most comprehensive solution for desktop 3DP. Having obtained a global brand licensing agreement from Kodak, the Company launched the KODAK Portrait 3D printer specifically for engineering. The Company offers local and cloud-based printer management software and design services. In addition, the KODAK 3D printing filament boasts over a dozen top quality materials.



The Company is an advanced manufacturing company offering customized medical devices. With the vision of giving the world a better reason to smile, the Company has created the most competitive clear aligner treatment currently offered on the market. With 3D printing thought leaders hand-picked from around the world (spanning some of the first marketers and innovators in 3DP), the Company has already set regulatory standards for clear aligner treatments in Australia.

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