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3DX avenues for organic growth, depth and knowledge

3DX is partnered with engineers, additive manufacturing collaborators, makerspaces, and vast information technology (IT) companies.

Where training and education in the 3DP space is limited, value presents in experience and leadership.

Through the help of global community cultivation, 3D printing accelerates


3D Alliances is a consulting company that specializes in deployment and management of channel networks for 3D printing companies. It forms business alliances with innovative hardware and software 3D printing startup companies to help them ramp up channel partners; and by that, expand their business globally and accelerate their revenue stream.

3D Alliances is the world's largest network of 3D printing companies and resellers, with dozens of 3D printing startups and over 1,200 active 3D printing/additive manufacturing sales partners from 73 countries who cover products ranging from 3D software to heavy production 3D printers.

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i-AM Digital is a digital career growth platform built to "bridge the skills gap" for additive manufacturing. They inspire and engage talent through content tailored to clients' interests and aspirations. i-AM Digital provides carefully curated courses from respected industry thought leaders and training providers, offering access to knowledge and skills the industry needs. i-AM Digital then connects talent with organizations and opportunities, so every client who comes out of the program has immediate impact on the additive manufacturing industry.

If you are an organization seeking to develop or grow your team in additive manufacturing, i-AM Digital can help.