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3D ExchangeNet (3DX) is a global collective of 3D print leaders who facilitate thought leadership, and provide access to growth capital, M&A services, and industry resources.



A Long History in Technology M&A

Founded by CEOs who have bought and sold hundreds of technology businesses, our connectivity is unbounded. 3DX works side by side with IT ExchangeNet (ITX), leveraging a database of 50,000 global technology decision makers. With deals completed internationally, ITX has facilitated more than $500 million in transaction value since its inception. 

A Global


3DX represents a collective of global additive manufacturing leaders, 3D start-ups, mature 3DP companies, service providers and educators. Through our partnerships, we are able to extend our offerings beyond mergers & acquisitions. Currently, we are developing new ways to connect the industry through training and top talent.

Your Questions,


We recognize there are unanswered questions in the 3D printing space. We've partnered with industry leaders to help companies like yours move forward with additive manufacturing in the right way. Stay tuned for thought provoking research and case studies as our collaborative efforts boldly emphasize new standards in additive manufacturing.

 For over 20 years,
the 3DX team has fostered relationships with technology leaders, strategic buyers, private equity firms, family offices,
and intermediaries from
around the world.

Leveraging a global network of 50,000 buyers and investors

3D ExchangeNet sits under the umbrella of IT ExchangeNet (ITX), which owns a network of more than 50,000 global technology decision makers.


Working with the ExchangeNet team was methodical and strategic. We were incredibly pleased with the entire set of buyers introduced to us.

—  Grant McLarnon  —
CEO of Adoxio
, sold to KPMG

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